About Us

Idea behind the <tourplaces.in> is basically rooted with the hobby of traveling to various beautiful, natural places in India. It is a quite natural thing, that many people are very much inquisitive regarding the place which they would like to travel.

¬†We are trying to show India from a new and a different window. By providing information on popular as well as rare places, otherwise don’t get attention.

With full information at your finger tips, visiting new places would be memorable with a hassle free travel and finally, tour must help in busting the stress and try to rejuvenate healthy lifestyles of people around the World in general and India in particular.

We are not trying to plan your tour programme, but here, we try to provide you information about a PLACE. Accordingly, you can hold for a moment and try to decide which place is best suited for your mood.

This journey is a long one and we try to provide information regarding tour places as early as possible and we welcome all suggestions and comments on our effort to help tourists with valuable information which helps each and every individual on the Planet EARTH.

Though we are directly talking about the tourism, indirectly this is an education to know about the country in general and about a state in particular, and this website will definitely helpful in improving the knowledge.

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