Amarkantak is famous for origin of rivers Narmada and Son. This place falls under Achanakmar and Amarkantak Bio-Reserve.

Amarkantak name derived from Amaranang kota. Amarkantak hill (1057 m) is a part of the Maikal Range. Natural calmness exits all over here with Sal trees and the nascent Narmada river originates at Narmada kundnarmada kundin the Temple complex and slowly picks up the movement.

Goddess Narmada and God Narmadeswar Amarnath are presiding deities. Image of the little elephant stands in front of Temple. Markandeya kund is lying adjacent to the Temple.

Narmada river flows over 1312 km before it drains into Gulf of Khambhat of the Arabian sea. Narmada suddenly plunges down from a height of 200 ft after flowing for 10 km. One could see Bhrigu Kamandulu, is a cave. Kapil muni Ashram is worth visit, Kapildhara fallkapildhara11is located here and after moving further there is an another plung which is named Dudhdhara water fall.DudhDhara.

Sone kund is a place where origin of Sone river take place. There is a Sunset view point near sone origin place.

Mai-ka-Bagia includes Goddess Durga temple and Hanuman Temple.

Architecture of Amarkantak shows the Nagara style of architecture.Amarkantak architecture

Kabir Chabutarakabir amarakantakis a peaceful place.

Chirimiri is a place near to Annupur, famous for coal reserves and Anandadhara water fall.

Amarkantak-Achanakmar:Amarkantak sanjay national parkIt is a Biosphere Reserve, famous for many endemic species. It is under Sanjay National Park, is a tiger reserve.

How to Reach Amarkantak: One could reach Amarkantak from Pendra Rd(about 40 km), Annupur( about 70 km) by bus or any hired vehicle. Pendra and Annupur falls under Bilaspur–Katni section.

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