Havelock Island

andaman havelock radhanagar beach

This Island is full of Resorts. SCUBA DIVING will take the adventure lovers to the New and Under Sea World and its Life. Charges of the Scuba Diving totally depends upon the usage of Oxygen Cylinder. Those who are good swimmers could use the cylinder for more than One hour and some may finish it in just 15 minutes.

Radha Nagar Beach and Elephanta Beach are famous.(few people remain in Port Blair could make a quick trip to Havelock Island and returned to Port Blair in the evening).

Radha Nagar Beach is a famous one, among the top beaches in the world. One could enjoy swimming and pristine blue water of the sea through out the day.

Elephanta Beach: Famous for Glass Bottom Boat ride, Sea Walk, Sofa ride, Snorkeling.

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