Beat The Summer


India is a tropical country and it is natural that tourists who plan to visit during summer season should take utmost care to save and protect themselves from the scorching Sun rays and the Heat. Of course, places in India are always equipped with various alternatives to enjoy the travel with a lot of pleasure during Summer.

Nook and Corner of countryside one could see the (Poor man’s refrigerators) Earthen Pot with cool water. It is the generosity of social service activists who are ready to serve natural chilled water with dedicated Summer Water Camps. One could relieve from thirst by availing the facility.

Coconut Water is the best natural drink with lot of minerals to energize the body, available on the road for people who ready to spend some amount.Coconut

Water melon and Musk melon are the best fruits to shower the taste as well as hydration to the body.

Sugar cane juice also do provide some relief during this season adding sweet to the sultry and hot climate.

There are places you find selling water made of Mint Leaves is a seasonal street drink, but be careful of water which they use for the preparation.

Lemon juice, is an another feather in the list of energy drinks, with salt will help in balancing the body salts by replenishing lost salts through sweat.

Sherbat is nothing but a drink prepared from variety of fruits and is readily available for less price.

Sweet Lassi prepared with sugar and curd is a good drink to keep the stomach full with required minerals.

Last, but not the least, Ice cream with various flavours and brands are the most sort after in the urban places.

Wearing a Cap and carrying Umbrella are safe to protect ourselves from the U.V rays, sun burns and other negative effects upon the skin.

Sun Stroke is a dangerous condition, could lead to death in case of negligence.

Prevention is Better than Cure … one should avoid outdoor during the peak sunny timings like 11 A.M to 4 P.M.


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