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Bidar is located in the state of Karnataka(North eastern region of Karnataka), Bidar is known for its Medieval structures which are unique in india with Hindu,Turkish,Persian influences and it was the capital of Bahamani Sultans.

Bidar Fort:Bidar Fort It is a Pentagonal fort with five gateways for entry. It is a complex housing Mahals, Palaces and Mosque

Gumbaz Darwaza: It is a huge structure, of course part of the Fort, with walls having 22 feet thickness and 45 feet height. Sharza Darwaza is at other end.

Rangin Mahal: Precious decoration and art work is unique and is situated near Gumbaz Darwaza.

Bahamani Tombs: Dynasty which was ruling during medieval period constructed huge sepulchres. Ashtur (4 km from bidar) is a place where these sepulchres are located. There are 12 magnificent tombsbidar-tombs with beautiful arches, niches and domes.

Museum: Once it was called as Shahi Hamam now houses some rare articles.

Chaubara: bidar chaubaraAn old cylindrical tower, facing four directions was used as a watchtower. It is located in the centre of the city, with 22 m  in height

Cave Temple: Jharani Narasimha Temple is in an underground cave. One has to wade through a canal of 91 m in length and the depth of the water is generally about 4 feet.

Bidriware:bidar-bidriware It is an integral part of the Bidar heritage. Bidriware is a very famous craft whose origin is attributed to the Bahamani Sultans who ruled the Bidar region during 14th-15th centuries. The craft of Bidri is the most mesmerising because of the sheer elegance of the silver inlay over the oxidized black base of zinc.

Other important places are Shahi Malbakh, Tarkash Mahal, Gagan Mahal, Takhat Mahal.

How to Reach Bidar: Well connected by the Road and Rail network. Just 3 hr drive from Hyderabad, which has got an international airport.


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