bijapur gol gumbaz

Bijapur is famous for its wonderful architecture. Once it was called as City of Victory (Vijaypur) during Chalukyan period. Capital of Adil Shahi dynasty (1418 to 1686 A.D).

Gol gumbaz: Famous for its circular dome (second largest dome, external diameter of the dome is 44 m, in the world) with walls of 3 m thick and four octagonal minars, tomb of the Muhammad Adil Shah II. Whispering Gallery is famous for an echo point.

Ibrahim Rauza:bijapur ibrahim rauza It was built by Ibrahim Adil Shah II. Platform contains both Tomb and Mosque.

Jami Masjid: Contructed by Adil Shah during 16th century A.D. It is famous for its unique design, centering Onion shaped dome and surrounded by 33 flattened small domes on the top.

Jora Masjid: It was built by the mughal emperor Aurangzeb. Khan Mohammed and Khawas Khan were buried here.

Barakaman:bijapur barakaman Tomb of Ali Adil Shah II, but incompleted one.

Asar-e-Sharif: Located at the heart of the city. It was a High Court constructed by Md Adil Shah.

Malik-e-Maidan: Famous Cannon constructed by Md Bin Hassan Rumi, is present here.

Gagan Mahal:bijapur gagan mahal Constructed by Ali Adil Shah. Huge arch in the front portion of the structure is attractive, the best arch built by Adil Shahi dynasty.

How to Reach Bijapur: well connected by Road and Rail network. It is about 570 km from Bangalore, capital of Karnataka.

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