Vijayawada Mogalrajapuram caves

Moghalrajapuram Caves:

Buddhist Caves were constructed during Ikshvaka dynasty, convereted into Hindu Cave temples during the reign of the Vishnukundins.  The rock cut caves of Moghalrajapuram with sculptures and carvings which boasts an impressive carving of Ardhanariswara, which might be the earliest in South. These monasteries were mentioned by Hiuen Tsang who travelled during 7th century A.D. in India.

Conservation is the need of the hour due to its location at the heart of the Vijayawada.

Undavalli CavesVijayawada Undavalli caves

famous for large monolithic idol of Lord Vishnu on Ananthnag.

How to reach: Vijayawada is well connected by Rail, being one of the biggest Railway junctions in India, from all corners of the country. It is also connected by Road and Air network.

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