chandragiri fort

Chandragiri, fortified site came into existence at the end of the 15th century A.D during the reign of Saluva Narasimha. Chandragiri served as the capital of the Vijayanagara Kingdom from late 16th century A.D.

Chandragiri witnessed series of events from Coronation of Venkatapatideva and subsequent change of dynasties which includes Qutb shahis, Nawab of Arcot, Mysore Sultans, and by the British.

Fort site built up to the base of a granite hill extending almost 1800 mts. Fort is protected by granite blocks which are intermittent with typical Vijayanagara square bastions.

Raja Mahal: The principal monument of Chandragiri, arcaded openings, vaulted chambers, double height audience chamber, domed pavilion, pyramidal structure at the centre forms the whole composition.

Rana Mahal Chandragiri Rana Mahalwas served a gateway onto a court. It is endowed with domed structures as well as arcaded verandah.

Full of abandoned structures and temples showcase the typical Vijayanagara architecture.

How to Reach Chandragiri: 12 km from the temple town of Tirupati. Chandragiri is well connected by Road and Rail network. Chandragiri station falls on Tirupati and Katpadi section.

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