Chidambaram Natraja temple

Chidambaram is located in the state of Tamil Nadu, South India. It is famous for Nataraja Temple. Pichavaram is just 16 km away from Chidambaram.

Nataraja Temple:chidambaram gopuram The God here is eternal, limitless, with out shape and form.One of the biggest images of Lord Ganesha is present here. Temples were patronized by Pallavas, Cholas, Pandyas, Vijayanagaras, Nayakas and their mark of patronization could be witnessed in the form of architecture. Other important temples are Govidaraja Perumal Temple, Thillai Kali Amman Temple.

Pichavaram:chidambaram pichavaram1Famous for mangroves. Group of 51 isands in back waters . It is famous for large number of migratory birds.chidambaram pichavaramMarine Biological Research Centre is located 10 km away from Pichavaram.

Poohar: This is the place where the river Cauvery drains into Bay of Bengal. Ancient Port had a link with the Roman empire. Famous for its art gallery.

Nagore: It is famous for Darga of Mir Sultan Syed Shah Abdul Hamid. This 45 km from Chidambaram

Velankanni: is famous for Our Lady of Good Health Church and attracts people from all over. This is around 50 km from Chidambaram.

How to reach Chidambaram:

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