Bodh Gaya mahabodhi temple

Gaya, Confluence of Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism. Bodh Gaya, which is few minutes journey from Gaya, name is synonym for Enlightenment, located on the banks of the River Phalgu.

Vishnupad Temple:Gaya vishnupad temple This ancient temple was rebuilt by Holkar Queen Devi Ahilya Bai.

Mangal Gauri Temple:

Biggest festival held during Pitrapaksh, it is the time to offer Pinda.

Bodh Gaya: This is the place where Siddhartha attained spiritual salvation (Enlightenment) under a Peepal tree on the banks of the river Niranjana (modern Falgu). Various governments from different countries constructed Monasteries with remarkable architecture.

Barabar Caves:Gaya barabar caves1 Caves with Jataka tales carving took the life during Mauryan rule before Christ.

Gautam Buddha Sanctuary:Gaya gautam buddha sanctuary It is 20 km from Gaya and is easily accessible as it is situated near National Highway.

Other important tourplaces are Akshayavat tree, largest Jama Masjib in Bihar stands here

How to reach Gaya: It is well connected by Rail, Road and Air network. Gaya International Airport is catering the needs of not only domestic and also international tourists from South and South East Asian region.

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