Earlier, it was called Gawaleeor, fort is the main attraction of the city. Other attractions are Palaces, Temples, Chhattis, Tombs.

Gwalior Fort: It is made of sand stone and is 2.8 km long and surrounded by 9 m high wall on a hill. Walls are having paintings of Jain mythology. Adinath statue standing on the lotus, Images of various deities, Archeological museum, Kabutar khana, Vishnu temple, Gurjari Mahal, Man mandir Palace with domes,Man Mandir Palace Vikramaditya Palace, Kirti Mandir, Jahar Khund which is supported by 80 pillars, Sas and Bahu temples, Teli-ka-Mandir is the oldest temple in the fort, is a mixture of Dravidian and Aryan style with dome, Gurudwara with domeGurudwara-Data-Bandhi-Chor is most sacred to Sikhs and it is called Data Bhandi Chhod.

Jain architecture is at its peak in the fort with statues of 24 Tirthankaras,jain sculpture gwalior stone incriptions, Rani Tal, Chedi Tal.

Maqbaras of Tansen and Md GhausTomb_of_Mohammad_Ghauz are very attractive with hexagonal towers with dome in the middle.

Jai Vilas palace:jai-vilas-palace-gwalior-m Built by Jiyaji rao Scindhia, using mixed styles. Scindhia museum with collections of Jiyaji rao Scindhia are on display. Biggest pair of Chandliers, Mughal emperor’s swords are special attraction.

Zoo, Sun temple, Royal chhattis at Jiyaji rao chowk, mementos of Jhansi Lakshmi bhai and Tantia tope are other important places worth see.

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