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Kanchipuram–in a short form Kanchi, is located in the state of Tamil Nadu. City of Thousand Temples is also known as Varanasi of South. Buddhism and Jainism flourished way back in the B.C.

Pallava sculptures and silks are still forms the major attraction in Kanchi.

Kailasanath Temple:kanchi kailasanathar_temple Oldest temple with pallava mark style of architecture. Episodes of Puranas and wars of the Kings depicted on the walls.

Ekambarareswar Temple: Lord Shiva in form of Ekambareswar being worshipped. Sri Krishnadeva Raya of Vijayanagara built a Raja Gopuram/Raya Gopuram with raises to more than 50 m.

Sree Kamakshi Amman Temple:kanchi kamakshi amman temple Built by Chola kings during 14th century A.D. Its Mandap is full of sculptures and Pictures.

Sree Vaikunta Perumal Temple: Built by Pallava King Nandi Varman in the 8th Century A.D. Temple is famous for Mural paintings.

Sree Varadaraja Perumal Temple:kanchipuram-varadaraja Golden and Silver Lizards are worshiped in this temple.

Other important places are Sarvatirtham Pushkarini, Shakuntala Jagannath Museum, Sankara Mandapam.

How to Reach Kanchipuram:

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