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Leh is the district head quarter of Ladakh, located at a height of about 3500 m above the sea level amidst Ladakh rangeleh and himalaya leh roads of the Greater Himalayas.

Palace built by Shinge Namgyal in 16th century is a replica of Potala palace of Lhasa. The Red Monastery belong to 15th century is another attraction, Stok palace, 16th century Mosque built in the style of Iranian and Turkish architecture.

Statue of Avalokiteswara,leh statue leh statue1Golden statue of buddha in the new monatery, here the walls engraved with inscriptions from rare manuscripts .

ConfluenceLeh indus and zanskar of the river Indus and the river Zanskar is an important place to hangout.

There are many important places in and around Leh attracting people from all over the world.

Hemis Gompa:hemis It is situated about 40 km from Leh. This is the largest monastery in the Ladakh district consist of many temples. Place for Rimpoche and the library has many rare collection of valuable manuscripts and Thunkus. 17th century Thunku is largest in the world. Mask dance is another attraction here. Statue of Buddha Shakyamuni, Famous Mani wall are note worthy.

Thiksey Monastery:leh thiksey monastery It is about 20 km from Leh and this belong to Yellow hat sect. Buddha statue in padmasana is found.

Gotsang Gompa: It is a 13th century gompa predates Hemis Gompa and it was built in remembrance to Gotsang pa who sat in meditation.

Stok Palace:leh stok King and his familyLeh architecture is staying here.

Sankar Gompa:Shankar-monastery-in-Leh Several miniature statues, Buddha statue with several heads, hands, eyes, legs is very beautiful.

Alchi Village:Leh alchi village One of the Oldest village and is famous for its vibrant architecture in the world.

Spituk Gompa: It is about 10 km from Leh and is famous for Thunkus and manuscripts. Spituk Gustor festival is famous festival in Ladakh which held in the month of January every year.

Place is noted for important festivals and entertainment among those Archery festival during spring. Choglamasar is famous for celebration of ladakhi festival and Chham dance of Lamas depict the legendary tales of Tibet, Indus view festival is another one. Attire of Ladakhi men and women is different.(Gaucha and kuntop respectively). June to September is the most suitable time to visit this place.

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