Lonavala Karla caves main

Sahyadri Hills and a Lake made this place unpolluted and healthy. At a height of 600 m above sea level with a Valvan dam, Lonavala is a perfect place to a small get together.

Lonavala:Lonavala fallsLonavala waterfalls

Khandala:Lonavala khandala Small Pavna lake and Rajmacchi point.

Karla:Lonavala karla caves 10 km away from Lonavala, karla is famous for Buddhist caves. Main Chaitya hall is 16 m high and special example of Chaitya structures and it is the largest one. Pillars are special with good carvings of men and women along with elephants.

Bhaja:Lonavala Bhaja caves These are nearer to Malavali Railway station and 5 km from Karla. This place is famous for Chaitya Caves belong to 2nd century B.C.

Bedsa:lonavala bedsa caves This is another place of importance in studying the architecture of bow shaped roof supported by pillars.

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