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Lucknow, located on the banks of the river Gomti, Capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh. Many sobriquets are showcasing the true picture of this beautiful city, like the golden city of the east. Medieval art and culture of the Lucknow was dominated various dynasties.

The Residency: This structure narrate the story and shows the first war of Independence 1857.

Imambara:Lucknow Imambara It was built by Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula in 1784 A.D. It gave a shelter to famine victims. This is famous for Labyrinths and Shahi Baoli. Another small Imambara know as Chhota Imambara was built by Mohammad Ali Shah, famous for more advancement in terms of architecture than Bara Imambara.

Rumi Darwaza: Lucknow rumi darwazaIt touches almost 60 feet height. Built by Asaf-ud-daula in 1786 A.D.

Indira Gandhi Planetarium:Lucknow planetarium

Kaiserbagh Complex: Built during mid 19 century A.D and was dedicated to Wajid Ali Shah’s harem.

La Martiniere:Lucknow La Martiniere It was designed by Claude Martin, the french with a good architecture blended with many styles.

Botanical Garden: Famous National Botanical Research Institute houses this garden to share great deal knowledge with the visitors.

Children Museum: Setup in the name of Motilal Nehru.

Arts Village: It is located at Anora, replicated village lifestyle and its traditional culture.

Kukrail Reserve Forest:Lucknow kukrail reserve It has nursery of Gharials and houses a deer park. Located at the outskirts of the city, attracts people from all over.

Tombs, Chhatar Manzil, Sikadar Bagh are other important structures. Apart from all these numerous Temples, Churches, Mosques, Gurudwara, Jain and Buddhist temples also fill the list of important places.

How to Reach Lucknow: This city is well connected by Rail, Road and Air network. Charbagh station of Lucknow is a great structure.

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    Lucknow is definitely a beautiful city to be visited; notwithstanding the neglect post independence !! You could have added more details to above & also mentioned about the famous Lucknowi cuisine and culture.. suhaskatti

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