Mahabalipuram was built by Narasimha I 7th century A.D who belong to the Pallava dynasty. This Mamallapuram is famous for Monolithic Chariots and Cave temples, Bas relief panels on walls and located along the Coromandel Coast endowed with the Shore Temple.

This place attracts art lovers and research scholars from all over the world. The UNESCO Heritage Site made the place more prominent among tourist circuit. Stunning sculptures and ancient structures made the place unique in South India.

Place was famous for Seven Pagodas of which only Pagoda which is now existing is Shore Temple, a well known temple structure for its perfection, standing at the edge of the water.Mahabalipuram-shore temple

Pacha Pandava Chariot:mahabalipuram pancha chariotSingle Granite stone was used to built these Chariots with the influence of Buddhist and Ajanta and Ellora cave architecture.

Arjuna in meditation,mahabalipuram arjunas penanaceand 10 Cave templesmahabalipuram MahabVaraha2are important architectural structures in Mamallapuram.

Art and Architecture revolve around the epics and everyday life including Krishna’s Butter Ball, Varaha Mandapa with carvings in exquisite detail.

How to Reach Mamallapuram: Well connected by the Road network, 55 km from Chennai along the East Coast Road (ECR).

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