mandu fort

Mandu, city of Forts is a sobriquet to this Medieval capital with its natural defences interspersed with gateways all over. Afghan, Hindu and Jain cultures in its architecture is evident every where.

Delhi Darwaja, Jami Masjidmandu jama masjidbuilt by Hoshang shah. Hoshang Shah’s Tombmandu tomb of_hoshang_shahwith white marble was the blend of afghan and hindu styles, lattice work of this structure is attractive.

Jahaz Mahal:mandu jahaz-mahalIt is a Ship shaped palace famous for swimming pools is located between Munja and Kapur lakes.

Tawili Mahal: It hosts Archaeological Museum.

Hindola Mahal,mandu hindola mahalAsrafi Mahal,mandu asrafi mahal Roopmati Mahal, Hati Mahal,View of the Hathi Mahal or Elephant Palace.Baj Bahadur palace,mandu Baz-Bahadurs-Palace Nilkanth Palace are other important structures.

Mandu Festival is the latest addition to this place.

How to Reach Mandu: Mandu is well connected to Indore and Mau.

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