Nagarjuna Sagar Ethipothala waterfalls

Nagarjunakonda, during Ancient period also known by the name Vijayapuri, capital of the Ikshvaku dynasty (3th century A.D), who ruled Andhra region after the Satavahanas.

Vijaypuri was famous for its first Temple (Hariti Temple) construction in our country. Buddhism and Brahminism were equally developed. Place is famous for University, Stupa and few other relics.

Acharya Nagarjuna used to live on this hill and he introduced Madhyamikavadam.

Archeological importance of the place is unlimited as human habitations started way back and is famous for Neolithic culture.

Nagarjuna Sagar:Nagarjuna Sagar Dam Dam across the river Krishna was constructed during decade of 50′s and is the largest masonry dam in the world.

Nagarjunakonda Museum:Nagarjunasagar buddha idol This museum is housing many ancient

Ethipothala waterfalls: Chandravanka river is making the nature beautiful with its fall from a height of 22 m.

Rajiv Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary: Borders.

How to Reach Nagarjunakonda:

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    In which season prefer to visit this.what is the distance bet’n nagarjunkonda dam & tiger reserve?. Which is the nearest city by railway to reach there.send reply @ earliest.Thanks.

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