A proud Heritage Structure in the state of Bihar. The best university in the World during Ancient Period in India, simply it was an Ancient Centre of Learning (flourished from 5th to the 12th century A.D).

All at One Place:nalanda univer History, Architecture, Knowledge in general and Classrooms, Monk’s cells, Stupas in particular.

Archeological Museum: It is full of artefacts, terracotta figures, Buddha images.

Nalandanalanda uniersity was famous for Buddhist studies, medicine, logic, grammar etc. Students from many countries used to come here for mastering these subjects.

Combination of destruction by Bakhtiyar Khalji (Early years of 13th century A.D) and by the Fire lead to the end of the glorious chapter of the Centre of learning. In the year 1812 A.D, Francis Buchanan discovered and Sir Alexander Cunningham identified it as Nalanda in 1861.

How to Reach Nalanda: It is located on the way from Patna to Rajgir.

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