Beautiful Hill Station in the heart of India. The place is endowed with waterfalls, dense Sal trees, Jamun groves, thick forest. Pachmarhi is situated in Satpura hills in general and Mahadeo hills in particular. Perfect place to see nature’s wonders in tune weathering by wind and water, which could be replicated in terms of valleys, ravines, gorges.

Biosphere Reserve and also an archeological treasure house with Rock paintings, reminder of early life style of human during prehistoric era.

Water falls in and around Pachmarhi:

Bee fall:Bee Falls (Jamuna Prapat) - Pachmarhi Provides drinking water to Pachmarhi.

Handi Khoh:handi koh Impressive with steep sides.

Apsara Vihar:apsara-vihar Shallow pool and is easily accessible from Jai stambh,

Rajat Prapat is known for Big Fall,Rajat Prapat Falls 10 minute walk will take us to this place.

Duchess Fall:duchess-fall-jalawataran_2 Steep descent and 4 km adventurous trek lead to the base of the fall.

Sunder Kund: Huge rocky pool in the Jambu Dwip stream.

Mahadeo Hill: Has a shrine with an idol of Lord Shiva, Cave shelter with paintings.

Dhupgarh:dhupgarh-pachmarhi Higest point in the Mahadeo Hills with the height of 1350 m , popular viewpoint during sunset.

Tridhara: Two streams meet in a Junction.

Catholic Church:catholic church pachmarhi Result of French and Irish architecture with belgium stained glass windows and also a cemetry attached to it. It was built in 1892 by the British.

Christ Church: Small and beautiful church with hemispherical dome , bell is as old as the church.

Caves:  Cave shelters are endowed with paintingspachmarhi--rock-painting of animals, human figures in white and red colours. Important caves are Harper’s cave, Chieftain’s cave, Astachal cave, Bhrant neer etc.

Satpura National Park:satpuratiger1 Occupies 524 sq km. Park is home to Tiger,  Leopard and other animals and birds and it is noted for unique beauty and attraction with valleys, high peaks, water falls.

Pandav caves: Pachmarhi derives its name from these.

Last but not the least Priyadarshini pointPriyadarshini-Point-Forsyth-Point— It was dicovered by Forsyth in 1857. Best viewing point.

Connectivity: How to Reach:

Bhopal is the nearest airport which is almost 195 km away.

Mumbai-Howrah mainline falls near to pachmarhi, Pipariya is the nearest and convenient railhead to Pachmarhi. Taxi service available to Pachmarhi.

Road connectivity is regular from Bhopal, capital of Madhya Pradesh and Nagpur, important city in Maharashtra.

Best season —— Any time in the Year……

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