palitana from satrunjay hill

Name derived from Guru Padalipta (devoted to Guru’s feet). Satrunjay Hill, is the main attraction, a holy place for the Jains. One of the holy places for Jains. It is a Temple complexpalitana in white marble. Work began in 11th century and continued for 900 years. Many dynasties and kings added temples in this complex. Summit of the hill is about 600 mts and about 3800 steps to reach.

Adinath templepalitana_adinath_temple built in memory of 1st Jain Tirthankar is the holiest among Jain pilgrimage.

Mahavir(24th Tirthankar) temple was founded in the mould of Adinath temple and idol is four faced.

Muslim Fakir Angar Pir’s Darga is close to Adiswar temple.

Major cottage industry is Harmoniumpalitana harmoniums manufacturing.

Accessibility: Bhavnagar – Surendranagar Railway section, trains ply between Shihor and Palitana.

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