Panchprayag literally “FIVE CONFLUENCE” in Sanskrit language. Name indicates that the usage of Sanskrit in the Dev Bhumi was more predominant during ancient period. Dev Bhumi is famous for Devprayag, Rudraprayag, Karnaprayag, Nandprayag and Vishnuprayag.

Sacred river the Ganges get the present form after a series of confluences which includes Five important Confluences.

Devprayag:Panchprayag devprayag1 Conflence of the river Alakananda and the Bhagirathi.Panchprayag devprayag temple

Rudraprayag:Panchprayag rudraprayag Confluence of the river Mandakini and the Alakananda.

Karnaprayag:Panchprayag karnaprayag Confluence of the river Pindar and the Alakananda.

Vishnuprayag: Confluence of the river Alaknanada and the Dhauli ganga.

Nandprayag:Panchprayag nandprayag Confluence of the river Nandakini and the Alakananda.

Vishnuprayag: Panchprayag vishnuprayagConfluence of the river Alaknanada and the Dhauli ganga.

How to Reach Panchprayag: Panchprayag is not a single place. Nearest point where Rail, Road and Air networks will help us to give mesmerizing view are Rishikesh and Dehradun.

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    The name says it all……. DEBOBHUMI.

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