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Pudukkottai, an important archeological place, with its Megalithic structures and Cave Temples around near by places attracts researchers and tourists. The pre-historic map of India has got immense value with the addition of this Place into it.

Thirugokarnam: Place is famous for Gokarneswara temple and also the Museum.

Sittannavasal:Pudukkottai sittanavasal cave This place is famous for Rock-cut Jain Caves Temples, belong to 2nd century B.C. Pudukkottai sittanavasal cave main and its beautiful frescoes, which belong to Pandyan art during late ancient period. It is a Megalithic site, which provides lot of information on early human habitations. One could see the Brahmi script belong to 2 century B.C here. It is about just 15 km from Pudukkottai.

Kudumiyanmalai: 1000 pillar temple (one more is present in Warangal, built by Rudra deva of Kakatiya dynasty during mid 12 Century A.D), it is almost 20 km on road from Pudukkottai.

Viralimalai: Peacock Sanctuary is 40 km from Pudukkottai.

Point Calimere: Pudukkottai, Point Calimere Wildlife and bird sanctuaryIt is a creek (salty swamp is formed), famous for wildlife and bird sanctuary. Migratory birdsPudukkottai, Point Calimere bird sanctuary and other wild animals will sure enthrall the nature lovers. Best season is Dec to Feb.

Other places: Kodumbalur, Pallivasal, Thirumayam Fort, Narthamalai, Avudayarkoil.

How to reach Pudukkottai: Pudukkottai is 450 km from Chennai. Place is well connected by Rail and Road network.

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