Ratnagiri marleshwar waterfall

Ratnagiri, part of the Konkan region, located in the state of Maharashtra, which is surrounded by the Sahyadri Hills on the East and the Arabian Sea on the West. Ratnagiri is special with Beaches, Forts, Heritage structures, Ancient Caves, numerous minor waterfalls and couple of major ones. Ratnagiri is famous for its rice and coconut apart from fishing activity.

Ratna Durg:Ratnagiri ratnadurg fort view This is a Horseshoe shaped fort Ratnagiri ratnadurg fort1with a length of 1,300 m and a width of 1,000 m. It is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on its three sides and the Siddha Buruj has a Lighthouse. Ratna Durg came under various rulers over a period of time–Bahamani rulers, Bijapur Adilshahs, Shivaji. Later Dhondu Bhaskar (Pratinidhi) rebuilt the fort.

Thiba Palace:Ratnagiri thiba palace The palace has tombs of the King and the Queen of Burma, now Myanmar. They were in exile and died.

Jaigad Fort: Located at the entrance of the Sangameshwar river. There is a bay, formed by the Shastri river where it drains into the Arabian Sea. The fort is cuddled on a cliff which overlooks a bay making it spectacular view point.

Purnagad Fort: It is located at the mouth of Muchikund river creek. 22 km away from Ratnagiri.

Mandavi Beach:Ratnagiri beach Gateway of Ratnagiri. Other important beaches are Bhatye Beach, Ganapatipule Beach contains stretches of rocks, Ganeshghule Beach, Kalbadevi Beach, Pandre Samudra.

Marleshwar Waterfalls: It is located in a dense forest. The Marleshwar temple is in a natural cave and a waterfall known as Dhareshwar.

Panhalekaji Caves: Ancient historical man made rock-cut caves are blended with history and nature. 29 rock-cut caves are situated on the bank of the river Kotjai. This area is famous for bird watching.

How to Reach Ratnagiri: It is well connected by Road and Rail network, which falls under Konkan Railway.

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  1. suhas katti says:

    Ratnagiri is a beautiful sleepy town & worth a visit. Also must see is Ganpatiphule – a small sea side resort with famous Ganesha temple. suhaskatti

  2. A. Prasad says:

    Ratnagiri – Oh! It is so beautiful. And it has history. Amitav Ghosh in one of his novels describes this Thiba Palace where the King and Queen of Burma – Myanmar of modern days – lived in exile. What a shame, having lived in Mumbai since 1976, have not yet visited this place.

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