sanchi great stupa

Oldest stone structure in the central India. Sanchi is endowed with the Great Stupa, attracting many archaeological enthusiasts from across the world. Beginning with the Emperor Ashoka (3rd century B.C), various kings added several layers of art forms to this unique as well as distinct specimen in the Buddhist art.

Great Stupa with Balcony, Railings and Gateways was enriched with several ornamental art forms. The stupa reaches 16.4 m in height and sprawl 36.5 m in diameter.sanchi architecure sanchi gatewayand Umbrella at its summit is an another notable feature. Four Gateways, on four sides are 8.5 m high, were made during the period of Satavahana dynasty. The Great Stupa was discovered by General Taylor in the year 1818. Several structures were added over a period of time till 12th century by various dynasties who patronized the place, which reflects the perfect harmony between Hindu and Buddhist faiths.

sanchi buddha

Satdhara is a Buddhist site, 10 km away from Sanchi.

Archeological Museum was established by Sir John Marshall in 1919. Museum is significant with great collection of Buddhist art.

Two more stupas in which one is Bihar stupa of 15 m high and the other is at 7 m high are found nearby.

Vidisha is 9 km from Sanchi. Vidisha is famous for its Besnagar pillar (Heliodorus (Greek Ambassador)Pillar—other name is Pillar of Garud.

How to Reach Sanchi: Nearest Airport is located in Bhopal, which is 45 km from Sanchi. It is well connected by Road network from Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior. Rail line connectivity do exits, but express trains do not have a halt.

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