Capital of Himachal Pradesh and was also the Summer Capital of the British. It is situated at 2200 m above sea level. Kennedy House was the first construction on the Shimla Hill. People reach Shimla to escape the scorching heat of the plains during summer.

The Retreat:viceregal_lodge_shimlaOnce Summer Sojourn of The President of India and now turned into an Indian Institute of Advanced Studies. Marble building was built during late 19th century A.D.

Kufri:shimla-kufriAt an altitude of 2600 m Kufri showcases the beauty of the nature and it is famous for various mountain ranges of the region.

Scandal Point:Scandal Point Shimla

Anglican Christ Church:anglican christ church, shimla Gothic architectural structure was built during 1840s and 1850s. Murals and Coloured glass windows are unique.

Chadwik Falls:shimla chadwick fallsNearly 2 kmĀ  from Summer Hillshimla summer hill-2 and looks splendid.

Mall Road:shimla-the-mall-road One could get the pleasant touch of breeze during morning and evening walk. All roads of business lead to Mall Area.

Many constructions remind the developmental activities of British. Lush greenery with abundant Himalayan flora attracts people from all over the world.

Other important places are: Gaity Theatre, Roman Catholic Church, GPOshimla gpo, St. Andrews Church, Gorton Castel, State Museum, Wild Flower hall.

Best and Pleasant Season is May to November.

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