Cold Desert of India. Life has centered around Monasteries. Spiti is a part of the district of Lahaul and Spiti.The mean elevation of the area is almost 4500m above sea level. The river Spiti, has its origin at Kunzam Range, joins the river Satluj at Khab.

Tabo Monastery: taboThe largest Monastic complex belong to 10th century A.D. Famous for galleries of wall paintings and Stucco statues.

Dhankar Monastery: Famous for Buddhist Scriptures. Once palace of the Nono (Rule of the Spiti). Famous Dhankar LakeDhankar-Lake-Himachal-Pradesh is Just above.

Ki Monastery:Ki_Monastery Just 12 Km from Kaza and is at an altitude of over 4000 m. This monastery is famous for Thangka Paintings, ancitent Musical instruments. It has a library with sacred Tangyur texts.

Kibber: Famous for Sanctuary which has Blue Sheep and Ibex.

Pin Valley: It is a National Park. Highly endangered Snow Leopard resides here.

Dechhang and Lossar are the festivals celebrated here apart from Ladarcha Fair which is held in july and August in Kaza.

Precautions: Adequate Medical Precautions are important while travelling to Higher Altitudes.
Carry all important prescribed medicines along.
Snowfall occurs.
May to October is the best season.
Kaza has medical facilities, Petrol pump, apart from this Tabo and Kibber also have medical facilities

How to Reach Spiti: It is connected to Lahaul (Kunzam pass). Distance between Shimla and KazaBuddhist monastery in Kaza, Spiti Valley is almost 400 km by road.
Kaza is the administrative head quarters of Spiti and it serves
as the Base Camp for Spiti.

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