Crimes are becoming common all over the world, here there is no exclusion for india as well, spurt in crimes, attacks and rapes against women especially foreigners in India is really Unfortunate. Recent incidents, showing the horrific nature of the insensitivity towards our Guests, are shameful.

Onus of protecting the life and dignity of the people rests with the government. At the same time Local people should be Vigilant and extend support to the tourist who are absolutely new to our society, culture and traditions. They are visiting our country to get the first hand information on our culture, customs, society and then carry wonderful memories back to home.

Every country and society is full of Good as well as Bad people. One should not Judge and think by one or two incidents, but every human being should beĀ  intolerant towards crime against women. Elders of the society should be more careful in nurturing MORALS and ETHICS to the YOUNGER GENERATION.

Government is taking so many steps to provide safe travel to all tourists especially foreigners. HOME STAY is a concept where government would identify few families who are willing to provide accommodation. On the part of foreigner, choosing good and secure accommodation is more important than normal one. They should not roam in isolated and secluded places and should take proper care before some thing untoward has occur.

Indian Laws are well equipped to punish the offender who involve in teasing, crime and rape.

Finally, PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE is relevant in every field.. thats why when ever we say goodbye ,, we include the word TAKE CARE also…

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