Uttarakhand-Indian Army


Unprecedented Rescue Operation in the world took place in the state of Uttarakhand in India last month.kedarnath blessings Entire world watched our well trained Indian Army rescuing and saving their brothers and sisters across the worldkedarnath world in general and many Indian States in particular by challenging the naturekedarnath rescue ope against all oddskedarnath flood fury like geography, rain, rough weather, landslides,Kedarnath landslides _0 contaminated water, food, slippery nature of the terrain, reaching places with less oxygen, carrying the people on their shoulders in high regions,Uttarakhand_carry the weightchances of epidemic, are Un Comparable, Un Parallel, of course these words are not enough to tell their sacrificeskedarnath crashkedarnath IAF crash during the rescue operations. Their commitment and meticulous precision helped in savingkedarnath army kedarnath using handsalmost 0ne lakh people from the flood fury of the Uttarakhand (also called Dev bhumi where Lakhs of people visit from across the World every year.) Many people were treated in the makeshift tents by the AMC.kedarnath medical aid Helipads being built and cleared many roadskedarnath road clear to rescue people without any further delay even in the toughest situations.kedarnath Flood-rescue Even women of the region joined hands and helped by cooking foodkedarnath food for thousands every day.

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