Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers1

The Valley, endowed with the most exciting pattern of flowers, was discovered by Frank S. Smith in 1937. The mysterious land is hidden from the outside world till mid 20th century A.D. This Valley of Flowers National Park is tagged under UNESCO World Heritage Site.It is truly a wonder for nature lovers and trekkers in general and botanists, ecologists, zoologists, ornithologists in particular.

Nature’s magicValley of flowers3 with the retreating glaciers resulted in a U-shaped valley. This valley is loaded with rarest floraValley of flowers4 and fauna having medicinal and aromatic value.

Snow capped peaks, The Pushpawati river, which divides the valley into two sectors. Right bank of the river is a paradise for trekkers. Of course, many streams are crisscrossing the valley, most of which join the river Pushpawati.

Best Time to Visit: Mid July to mid August.

How to Reach Valley of Flowers: Just 17 km from Govindghat, this mysterious land waits for true nature loving persons. Ghaghriya, which is 14 km away from Govindghat, is an important place on the way to the valley, it is just 3 km walk from here leads to the valley.

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