Varanasi, oldest living city in the world, located at confluence of the rivers Varuna and Asi which join the river Ganga. Benaras is an another name of Varanasi, is located on the western bank of the river Ganga, stretches from Asi ghat to Raj ghat. Temples abound in the lanes and by-lanes as such that each house gives an impression of a temple . Varanasi is one of the Jyotir linga and a shakti peeta.

Vishwanath Temple:Kashi-vishwanath Present structure was built by Ahalya bhai Holkar of Holkar dynasty. Arati takes place early in the morning and in the evening.

Annapurna Temple: Built by Peshwa Baji Rao I is located opposite to the Vishwanath temple.

Ghats: Famous ghats were built by various dynasties over a period of time. Most frequented ghats include Harishchandra ghat to Manikarnika ghat. Some kind of activity all over ghats since Sunrise to Sunset provide tourists visual spectacle. Performing many rituals, which are part of the Hindu lifestyle and culture, are most important sight between Kedar ghat and Narada ghat. Offerings to the souls of one’s ancestors during early hours on ghats and taking a dip in the sacred waters of the Ganga, is a common sighting. Ganga Aarati at Dashaswamedh ghat attracts tourists from all over the world.dashaswamedha ghatTemples and architecture at various ghats reminiscent of the medieval India. Harishchandra ghat is a crematorium and¬†Manikarnika ghat,manikarnika ghat1where lit of the funeral pyre is a non stop.

Ganga: Holiest of all rivers, though highly polluted, is the ultimate symbol of purity and a way to salvation and belief is that, the Ganga water absolves worldly sins.

Other important temples are Durga temple at Asi ghat (was built in Nagara style by Rani Bhavani in the 18th Century A.D), Visalakshi temple, Pasupati Nath temple, Tulsi Manas temple is near to Tulsi ghat (built in memory of Tulsi das, wrote Ramcharit Manas), Kalabairav temple (Built by Baji Rao II), Ganesh temple,  Sankatmochan and Hanuman temples.

Benaras Hindu University,banaras-hindu-universitySanskrit Vishwavidyalaya (Research learning centre of the Sanskrit language) with museum and library with a vast collection of the Sanskrit scriptures.

Alamgir Mosque:Dharahara_or_Alamgir_or_Aurangzeb_Mosque_Varanasi Built by Aurangazeb.

How to Reach Varanasi: Varanasi is well connected by Road, Rail and Air network from all major cities in India. Recently couple of direct flights are operating from International destinations.




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