Vijayawada prkasam barrage

Vijayawada, then Bezawada, is located on the banks of River Krishna in the state of Andhra Pradesh, is an important railway junction in Southern part of India and the famous Kolleru Bird Sanctuary is 65 km away.

Kanakadurga Temple: Located on the bank of river Krishna atop of Indrakiladri Hill, temple is attracting devotees from all over India during Dasara festival. View of the Prakasam Barrage and city of Vijayawada give us a beautiful experience.

Bhavani Island: Small Island in the river was developed by the tourism department of Andhra Pradesh for a pleasant stay and wonderful experience with beautiful cottages.

Gandhi Hill: Built in memory of Gandhi, famous for planetarium and library.

Victoria Jubilee Museum:Vijayawada Victoria Jubilee MuseumAround Vijayawada….

Moghalrajapuram Caves Buddhist caves constructed during Ikshvaka dynasty.

Undavalli Caves Idol of Lord Vishnu on Ananthnag.

Mangalagiri: Famous for Narasimha swamy temple ( Panakala swamy), its gopuram is one of the tallest and could be visible even from a distance of more than 10 km.

Kondapalli: Once it was a capital for Reddy Kingdom during medieval period. Toy industry is thriving well which has got renowned all over the world.

Kuchipudi: Famous for Kuchipudi Dance ( Official dance form of the state of Andhra Pradesh ). A dance school was established in the residence of Siddhendra Yogi ( father of Kuchipudi dance). Dance festival during march is famous.

Kolleru Bird Sanctuary:Vijayawada kolleru wildlife sanctuaryLocated 65 km from Vijayawada, this sanctuary is famous many birds which travel from Siberia to South part for a winter sojourn.

How to Reach Vijayawada: Well noted busiest Railway junction in India, having trains from all over India. Its Airport is 30 km away.

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